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Top 4 Points of SEO Readability | SkyRocket your blog post.

Yes in this post we will be disclosing the top most important 4 Points of SEO Readability , not just point we will be touching each and every key tricks of that 4 points , that is been focused by many professional bloggers and content creates. And the Countdown of those 4 Points of SEO Readability are 1. Flesch Reading , 2. Stop Words , 3. Passive Voice , 4. Sentences with same beginning.

Why this points has to be keep in mind while blogging let’s find out ?

Flesch Reading :

What does Flesch Reading Score ?

Flesch reading ease measures how complex a text is. The lower the score, the more difficult the text is to read. The Flesch readability score uses the average length of your sentences (measured by the number of words) and the average number of syllables per word in an equation to calculate the reading ease. Text with a very high Flesch reading ease score (about 100) is straightforward and easy to read, with short sentences and no words of more than two syllables. Usually, a reading ease score of 60-70 is considered acceptable/normal for web copy.

Flesch Reading Ease Formula :
0 to 30College graduate level. Very difficult.
30 to 50College student level. Difficult.
50 to 6010th grade to 12th-grade level. Relatively difficult.
60 to 708th grade to 9th-grade level. Plain English.
70 to 807th-grade level. Relatively easy.
80 to 90 6th-grade level. Easy. Conversational.
90 to 100 5th-grade level. Very easy.
How Flesch Readability Impacts SEO ?

As a blogger you may have heard that Google evaluates readability, the Flesch Reading Ease Score can help you clearly know if your text is too difficult or too easy. Reading ease impacts your SEO either directly or indirectly. Bottom line – if people leave your page because they’re bored or find it to be a waste of time, it will lower your ranking.

Tools for Readability Checking :

Stop Words :

What are Stop Words ?

The reason why stop words are critical to many applications is that, if we remove the words that are very commonly used in a given language, we can focus on the important words instead.

For example, in the context of a search engine, if your search query is “how to develop information retrieval applications”, If the search engine tries to find web pages that contained the terms “how”, “to” “develop”, “information”, ”retrieval”, “applications” the search engine is going to find a lot more pages that contain the terms “how”, “to” than pages that contain information about developing information retrieval applications because the terms “how” and “to” are so commonly used in the English language. If we disregard these two terms, the search engine can actually focus on retrieving pages that contain the keywords: “develop” “information” “retrieval” “applications” – which would bring up pages that are actually of interest. This is just the basic intuition for using stop words.

4 Points of SEO Readabilty
List of stop words
When to use SEO stop words and when not to ?

You can use these stop words freely in natural language in the text or body of your article.Our writing would not make much sense without the use of these words, and thus it is allowed in your writing.

Just be careful not to use them close to your keywords.There are also some rules to be aware of when it comes to using SEO stop words. You do not want to use it in any of the following elements.

  • Anchor Texts
  • Header Texts
  • Links
  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Keywords

Passive Voice :

4 Points of SEO Readabilty
How Passive Voice is assisted.

The passive voice assessment checks whether the number of sentences containing passive voice exceeds the recommended maximum amount. You’ll get a green bullet if less than 10% of your sentences have a passive voice. It’ll turn red if you go over 15%. Passive voice makes your writing more distant and your message less clear. Try to write in an active voice — it will make your writing much stronger!

Consecutive Sentences :

4 Points of SEO Readabilty

When the any paragraph or sentence start with the same beginning , that is called as consecutive sentence with the same start or same beginning sentence. So according to most seo specialists it is not good seo tricks to start more then two sentence with same beginning , so avoid the same word start of any sentence and bring variety in you paragraphs, so that user can be easily interact with you blogs.

Conclusion :

This 4 Points of SEO Readability will help you to make a better impact on readers, and it will also help you to increase your engagement time and reduce your Bounce rate of website. So take help of this post and work on the things to see best results.

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