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Tata E- vision car

There is up gradation in car technology by passed few years , and in this upgrading era of cars tech Tata Motor has made debut with there mind blowing ,Electric Car which named as Tata E-vision. 

Tata E-vision

Tata E-vision

Within a span of one month, Tata has premiered not less than three concepts and the grandest of all is the Tata E-vision electric sedan concept that debuted at the 2018 Geneva Motor show in early March.

A full-size sedan, the Tata E-Vision features a really long hood, which gives it an aggressive, hunkered down look.

Tata E-vision

The roofline swoops down at the rear like a coupe, but not in a dramatic way. It is apparent from the pictures that the EVision will have a chunky C-pillar.The rear profile appears to be inspired by Jaguar sedans, particularly how the wrap-around tail lamps are designed. These are connected to each other by a glossy black strip featuring Tata’s logo at the centre.

Tata E-vision

Surprisingly, the Tata EVision concept features twin-exhaust outlets despite being an all-electric offering. This probably indicates that the sedan might get petrol and diesel engines as well.

Tata E-vision

On the inside, the EVision comes with a light beige and cream theme with a wood inlay highlight.The eye-catching elements on the inside are its twin-instrument panels. While one is positioned at its usual place behind the steering wheel, there’s another one placed on top of the dashboard on the co-passenger’s side.

The secondary instrument cluster cover pops down as and when required and it displays vital information such as navigation info along the driver’s line-of-sight.

Tata E-vision

Its batteries sit below the cabin, thanks to which Tata has been able to omit the transmission tunnel and free up more space on the inside, especially at the front.

Though the concept is a four-seater with a chunky armrest at the rear featuring a large screen and speakers, the production-spec model is expected to have seats for three at the rear.

The tri-arrow detailing is practically everywhere from upholstery to seatbelts to the massive panoramic glass roof. Even the milled aluminium casings for the speakers feature the same.

Tata E-vision

Some important things about E-vision

Tata showcased its capability to produce a high performance, long-range EVs when it unveiled the E-vision electric sedan concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It is based on the Omega Arc platform, one of the two brand new modular platforms from Tata. The fact Tata can build electric vehicles based on these two platforms from day one showcases how well it is prepared for the future.

Tata E-vision

Tata is now aiming to produce battery packs that can offer a range of around 400km on a single charge. These new battery packs will use Tesla-Panasonic-like cylindrical, liquid-cooled batteries. The E-Vision concept was showcased with similar batteries and a production version based on the concept is expected in the next 3-4 years.

What CEO and MD of Tata said about E-vision 

Guenter Butschek, CEO and MD of Tata Motors, said, “We can develop an attractive battery-powered electric (car) for the Indian market with a range of over 300km. If the battery development goes as we’ve seen, at this point of time, it would be possible for us to even offer a range of 400km,”

Tata E-vision

Things inside car

EVision is the first sedan to come out of the Impact Design 2.0 family. The platform here accommodates two electric motors and a battery pack which is placed on the floor of the car. This opens up more space in the cabin as well as improves the dynamics of the car by keeping the centre of gravity low down.

The only technical information available about the car is that the concept features two motors, one on each axle which will make this sedan an AWD. Another good news is that it will feature both slow AC charging and fast DC charging, with a range of 350-420km on a single charge.

Performance enthusiast will be glad to know that the EVision will have a top speed of 200kmph and will reach triple digits sub-7 seconds.

That’s not only quick for a sedan of this size, but quick, period. Also, the car will pack in a lot of tech like predictive energy management systems, which will focus on giving you the best range possible and connected technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, geospatial mapping, and increased human-machine interface.

Future Plans for E-vision 

Tata has not revealed any official plans as to when this car will hit the market. Since the Nexon, Tata carries most of the design elements from the concepts to their production models. We expect the Tata E-Vision Concept to actually launch before the 45X based premium hatchback. While Tata is expected to launch the SUV first which will come in both 5-seater and 7-seater versions. We expect the compact sedan by Tata to launch by early 2020.

Tata E-vision


Minimum PriceRs 7 Lakh(Est)
Maximum PriceRs 11.5 Lakh(Est)

Tata Motors has launched various fresh products over the last two years. While these new Tata provide a refreshing take on the cars offered by the automaker, their pricing is what attracts a customer the most. Tata works extensively to keep the final cost in check while the offered product offers comparable features and premium design.

Tata E-Vision Concept will embark on the same journey offering premium design and features at a really competitive price. We expect Tata to price the upcoming premium sedan between INR 7 lakh to INR 11.5 lakh.

Launching :

Tata EVision Electric would be launching in India around September 2019.

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