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Hi everyone it great to see you here……

Welcome to the the club of visionary and passionate people who always inspire the world and Explore there Knowledge.

I am Deepak Dharmraj Prajapati the Owner And Founder of freakyTED and the domain .Well If I talk about my qualification I am EXTC (Electronics and Telecommunication) Engineer , Apart of it I am also working on Website Development , SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , SMO (Social Media Optimization) , WordPress , and on many more things… . I have also Earned / Done some Google Certification and some Marketing Certification from Web Hosting And IT Based Company.

Owner & Founder : Mr. Deepak D. Prajapati

Don’t Just Do

What Is Possible To Be Done ,

Do What Is Needed To Be Done.

Mission :

Help You For Getting Most Needful Information regarding different knowledgeable things in terms of Education , Technology , Unknown Facts , Stories of Personalities , and many more things… . So that you can Explore Your Knowledge to be the Best Version of Your Self.

All You Need To Do !!!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for us then feel free to share, by leaving comments below and let us know. Tell us on which topic you need next posts.

So keep Exploring Your Knowledge and keep Inspiring. Stay tuned for more knowledgeable Updates on

Thank-you !!!

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